Welcome to Vorpal Robotics!

Vorpal Robotics, LLC makes educational robots that can be used by teachers and hobbyists to provide exciting STEM learning experiences to students from grade school to high school.

Introducing Vorpal the Hexapod!

This project started on Kickstarter and successfully funded on October 17, 2017!

We sold hundreds of hexapods on Kickstarter for a total of over $38,000 and 213% of goal! We were also named a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter's staff, an honor that only about 3% of all campaigns achieve!

Now we've opened our own online store. This is your source of spare parts, Hexapod Kits, and in the coming weeks more great 3D printer based projects that include electronics, motion, sound, and light. We want to put more movement in the 3D printer movement!


What is it?

This low-cost, 3D printed robot mezmerizes students with its six legs, controlled by a custom Bluetooth controller, and supports programming with the MIT Scratch drag-and-drop programming system!

The project is also completely open source (3D models, Arduino firmware publicly posted) and uses open source hardware such as Arduino.

There are many ways the Vorpal Combat Hexapod can compete right out of the box! Here are just six: a Hexapod Hexathalon!

Race: set up an obstacle course and see who can score the fastest time!

Dance: use the gamepad's record/play feature to choreograph a dance routine to any song you choose. Best dance routine wins!

Joust: attach the jousting lance and battle to see which hexapod can knock the other's hood ornament off first.

Capture the Flag: attach the capture the flag accessory and outthink your opponent in the classic game!

Autonomous navigation: Use our Scratch integration feature to program an autonomous navigation challenge, either with or without the optional ultrasonic rangefinder accessory.

Fidget Spinner Challenge: Use the included Fidget Bracket to mount a Fidget Spinner at the right height off the floor. Who can get it spinning using only Vorpal the Hexapod? Who can spin it fastest?

See our Vorpal Robotics Wiki for classroom ideas, technical information, and more!