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Vorpal Hexapod Quick Links:

Welcome to the Vorpal Robotics Wiki

Here you'll find information about projects and products from Vorpal Robotics, LLC, including technical information, free downloads, classroom activity ideas, and more!

Vorpal Products

Our first product is the Vorpal the Hexapod, a 3D printed robot project. Many of the wiki entries on our site will revolve around this product, including technical details, CAD files, software, and more. But stay tuned for additional products as well as contributed extensions!

Here are some quick links to get you started:

  • Vorpal The Hexapod Pre-soldered electrical parts for inexpensive mini-servo 12DOF 3D printed hexapod robots.
  • Vorpal Factory Paired Bluetooth Modules has information on how to use our factory paired HC05 Bluetooth Modules for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi (or other microcontroller) projects
  • [Vorpal Robotics Store] where you can purchase our projects and products, and many components useful for Arduino, Robotics, and 3D printed projects.

Vorpal Robotics Forum

You can visit our newly launched VORPAL ROBOTICS FORUM to get online support and share ideas about Vorpal Robotics products.

Coming Soon: Vorpal Robotics Store

We will be launching an online store in November. We'll be carrying our own kits, electronic components, and prewired electrical systems to help you build awesome 3D printed projects that include robotic and electronic elements! Stay tuned for more information.

Our Philosophy

Vorpal Robotics is dedicated to creating fun, interactive, classroom and teacher friendly robotics products based on open source technologies and 3D printing. We sell kits as well as fully built robots that can support STEM activities from grade school through middle- and high-school.

What's With the Funny Names?

The word Vorpal comes from the classic Lewis Carroll poem Jaberwocky. It represents a powerful weapon used to slay an evil monster, the fearsome Jabberwock. To us, it symbolizes using powerful technologies to solve problems. See Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Vorpal The Hexapod Quick Links

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