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Welcome to Vorpal Robotics!

Vorpal Robotics is dedicated to creating fun, interactive, classroom-friendly projects based on open source technologies and 3D printing.

Vorpal Projects

Our projects combine 3D printing along with electronics to help you create amazing things.

Click on the image to go to the Wiki page for each project, click on the caption PURCHASE link to go to the online store for that project's kit of parts.

Most projects are available both as "Maker Kits" that do not inclue the 3D printed parts, and also as "Complete" kits that do include the 3D printed parts.

Popular Components

We also sell parts that are generally useful for robotics and electronics based projects that may or may not include 3D printed structures. Here are a few of the most popular, a complete list is on the Vorpal Robotics Store

Vorpal Robotics Forum

You can visit our VORPAL ROBOTICS FORUM to get online support and share ideas about Vorpal Robotics products.

What's With the Funny Names?

The word Vorpal comes from the classic Lewis Carroll nonsense poem Jaberwocky. The word Vorpal represents a powerful weapon used to slay an evil monster, the fearsome Jabberwock. To us, it symbolizes using powerful technologies to solve problems. See Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll.