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Vorpal Hexapod Activity: Joust

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Required Items

  • Two jousting attachments for the competing Vorpals, including the two magnets on top.
  • Two jousting figurines, each with a magnet inserted in the bottom.

Activity Procedure

  • Mount a jousting attachment on each Vorpal, hooking into the accessory mount.
  • Place a jousting figurine on the farthest away magnet of each attachment.
  • Set down the Vorpals facing each other. After a count down, allow the opposing Vorpals to jump into action and attempt to knock over the opponent's figurine while still defending its own.
  • Whichever Vorpal succeeds in knocking off the opponent's figurine first wins!

Vorpal Hexapod Quick Links:


  • Try using different dance/fight modes that allow the Vorpal to stand taller on its legs.


  • For a more difficult variation of the activity, place the figurines on the magnets closer to the body.