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Vorpal MG90 Micro Servo

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To Purchase

To purchase Vorpal MG90 servos, please CLICK HERE to visit the product page in our online store.

Why Did We Design Our Own Servo?

The Vorpal MG90 servo is tuned specifically for small robot projects like our Vorpal The Hexapod project. While you can certainly use stock MG90S or MG90D servos from Tower Pro or clone manufacturers, you'll find the project works much better with our tuned servos.

For example, battery life with a standard Tower Pro MG90S is about 80 minutes, while the Vorpal MG90 battery life is typically 110 minutes. In addition, a genuine Tower Pro MG90S will typically require rubber washers on the axles to stop "hunting" behavior where feedback loops cause legs to jitter rapidly around the home position.

We're not knocking Tower Pro in any way here, their MG90S and MG90D were designed for RC applications like RC cars or airplanes and they work great there. The needs of a hexapod are just different, that's all.

Who Manufactures The Vorpal MG90?

We contracted directly with Tower Pro to create these servos, so you get genuine Tower Pro quality but with a servo tuned for the kinds of projects we create here at Vorpal Robotics.

A Note on Counterfeit Tower Pro Servos

If you purchase servos from places like Aliexpress, Banggood, or Ebay, you will find extremely cheap micro servos that say they are Tower Pro MG90S, but in most cases they are counterfeits of very low quality. For a comprehensive discussion on this topic, including ways to instantly tell if a servo is counterfeit, see our wiki article Tower Pro MG90S Vs. Clones


The gears and plastic housing are identical to standard Tower Pro MG90S servos, so any application that uses those should work mechanically with Vorpal brand MG90 servos.

  • Weight: 13.4g
  • Dimension: 22.8×12.2×28.5mm
  • Stall torque: 1.8kg/cm (4.8V); 2.2kg/cm (6.0V)
  • Operating speed: 0.10sec/60degree (4.8V); 0.08sec/60degree (6.0V)
  • Operating voltage: 4.8V to 6.6V
  • servo wire length: 25 cm