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Vorpal Product List

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The following Vorpal Robotics projects and products are documented on this wiki. This list offers a convenient jump off point to product information.

All of these items can be purchased from the [Vorpal Robotics Store].


  • Vorpal The Hexapod This is our flagship product! A low cost, 3D-printed, Arduino based, Bluetooth controlled, MIT Scratch programmable Hexapod robot.
  • Vorpal Vase Dazzler This kit allows you to create a base that you can place a 3D printed vase on top of. The base contains addressable RGB LED lights and can make the vase light up in different colors, including fading between colors and twirling or flame flicker type effects. Put together a Vase Dazzler, 3D print one of many open source vase designs, add some 3D printed roses, and you've just made a fantastic gift for Valentine's day, Mother's day, birthdays, graduations, etc.
  • Rainbow Fidget Spinner Is a full color RGB LED lighted fidget spinner that flashes and fades between colors when spun. It uses a centrifugal force switch to automatically power on only when spinning, no on/off switch required. It will light for about 80 hours of spinning time before you need to replace the inexpensive and commonly available CR2032 coin cell battery.


Battery and Power Distribution