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Vorpal Regulated Electrical System

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Our Regulated Electrical System provides a convenient way to power your projects. It's pretty simple: a battery holder, an on/off switch, and a 5 volt 3 amp BEC to provide regulated power.


The BEC is powerful enough to drive several standard servos or a dozen or more mini servos (as it does in our Vorpal The Hexapod project!)

You get four different choices for the battery holder:

  • Two 18650 LI-ON batteries
  • Six AA batteries
  • Six AAA batteries
  • No battery holder, just a male JST connector. This would allow you to connect a battery pack that uses a female JST.

The switch is rectangular with a 9x13mm size. We recommend making the hole 10x14mm if you are creating a 3D printed housing.


The circuit is shown in this diagram. Note that the actual battery holder would be whichever one you specified.