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Vorpal Robotics, LLC is dedicated to creating fun, interactive kits that combine 3D printing and electronics. Our customers are Makers, Hobbyists, and schools who want to put their 3D printers to work making active projects that move, light up, and inspire creativity.

All of our projects are open source, and we post all 3D models and code publicly. This means you can hack, mod, remix, and extend our projects to your heart's content.

We also provide some convenient parts to help you build your own projects. For example, we have pre-configured Bluetooth modules that auto-pair on boot, making it very easy to create projects that are connected wirelessly. We have pre-soldered electrical systems of several types to get you up and running quickly, saving time and letting you concentrate on the more challenging aspects of your own projects.

This Wiki contains technical information, activity suggestions, assembly instructions, and other information to support our projects. If you wish to purchase our kits, please visit the Vorpal Robotics Online Store.

We are working on many projects and releasing them over time as they are perfected. To keep informed about new projects, please sign up for our Vorpal Robotics Newsletter.