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Vorpal The Hexapod Games and Activities

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Vorpal Hexapod Quick Links:

Activities that Do Not Require Accessories or ScratchX Programming

The activities in this section only require the Vorpal Combat Hexapod and Gamepad, and sometimes common household items. After building the robot and gamepad and doing some tests, you should first become familiar with the gamepad functions. Although there are sixty different motions built in to the gamepad, they are organized in a way that makes them fairly easy to learn. Once you have learned the basics, these simple activities will help you learn how to rapidly switch between different leg motions to solve problems!

Vorpal Hexapod Activity: Race

Vorpal Hexapod Activity: Obstacle Course

Climb the Mountain

Manual Dance Contest

Recorded Dance Contest

Activities That Require ScratchX Programming

Programmed Dance Contest

Create a New Move

Autonomous Navigation

Activities that Require Accessories

Fidget Spinner Challenge


Required Items

  • This is a test

Activity Procedure

Capture the Flag


Search and Rescue

Kung Fu

Hexapod Artist

Hexapod Musician

Infra Tag

COMING SOON. The Infra Tag accessory and software are still under development, check back here in September 2017.