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Vorpal The Hexapod Prototype Electrical Connections

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NOTE: These are the electrical connections for the old prototype version of the VCH. The prototype version did not have an SD card reader in the gamepad. So, if you don't have an SD card reader, then use these connections. Also be sure you are using the prototype version of the software on both the gamepad and hexapod.

Electrical Connections: Robot


  • Digital IO Pins:
    • D2 Bluetooth Module Rx
    • D3 Bluetooth Module Tx
    • D4 Beeper Signal (white wire)
  • Analog Pins:
    • A0 Potentiometer signal (white wire)
    • A1 Potentiometer Power (red wire)
    • A2 Potentiometer Ground (black wire)
    • A4 Servo Controller SDA
    • A5 Servo Controller SCL
  • Power Pins:
    • VIN pin on Nano connects to Battery positive (the red Dupont connector coming off near the switch on the wiring module)
    • GND pin on Nano connects to Battery negative (the black Dupont connector coming off the battery black wire)
    • second GND pin on Nano (there are two GND pins on the Nano) connects to the GND pin on the HC06 module
    • +5V on Nano connects to HC06 +5V Pin

IMPORTANT NOTE: The red Dupont connector coming off the switch/battery assembly must go to VIN and never +5V, because the battery voltage is much higher than +5 volts. You will more or less instantly destroy your Nano if you put unregulated battery power directly into the +5V pin. The VIN pin has its own voltage regulator. The +5V pin on the Nano will be used to provide regulated power to the Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth Module Power

  • +5V on HC06 connects to Nano +5V pin
  • GND on HC06 connects to either of the two Nano GND pins

Beeper Power

  • Connect the beeper V+ and ground (marked "-") pins (red and black respectively) to Port 14 of the Servo Controller, matching black and red wires to black and red pins on the Servo Controller.

Servo Controller

  • Connect the 12 servos to port numbers corresponding to the servo marking (0 to 11). Make sure the signal wire (yellow) is oriented correctly.
  • Connect the switch/battery module output to an unused servo port power and ground. Make sure the red wire is going to VCC and black wire to GND.
  • On one short side of the Servo Controller you will find a VCC and VIN pin right next to each other. Use a shunt (small black connector that goes over two pins) to connect those together if one is not already installed. This shunt causes both the servos and the microprocessor to run at the same +5V level.
  • SDA and SCL go to A4 and A5 on the Nano, respectively.

Robot Screw Sizes

  • Servo horn screws: 12 x M2.5 by 8mm long
  • Switch assembly: 2 x #6-32 by 1/2" long

Electrical Connectons: Gamepad


  • D2 through D9 are connected to the button matrix pins.Looking from the top of the button matrix module, the rightmost button matrix pin goes to D9, second to right to D8, etc.
  • D10 HC05 Tx
  • D11 HC05 Rx
  • A1 Dpad Signal (white wire)
  • A2 Dpad VCC (red wire)
  • A3 Dpad GND (black wire)
  • VIN battery/switch positive (red wire)
  • GND Either ground on the Nano goes to the battery/switch negative (black wire)

GAMEPAD: Screw Sizes

  • Switch assembly, 2 x #6-32 by 1/2" long
  • Gamepad Cover, 4 x #6-32 by 1/2" long