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Max The Megapod

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Max The Megapod (Max is short for Maxnome) is a double sized version of our popular Vorpal The Hexapod project. It's twice the size in all directions, or eight times the build volume. All the structural parts are 3D printed, allowing you to modify the design easily, reprint parts when needed, and save money (if you have a 3D printer) by only purchasing the electronic parts.

What can it do?

This robot is made for educational fun through friendly competition and there are endless ways it can be used by both the hobbyist and teachers. Max has these features:

  • Software compatible with our popular smaller version, Vorpal The Hexapod. This includes all Scratch programming features!
  • 12 degrees of freedom using all-metal gear high torque standard size servos.
  • Bluetooth wireless control using the custom Vorpal Button Gamepad
  • Arduino open source hardware used on both the gamepad and hexapod
  • The gamepad has many preprogrammed functions for walking, dancing, and fighting style competitions.
  • A unique feature allows gamepad functions to be recorded and replayed. For example, record a dancing session, then rewind and replay it all from the gamepad!
  • MIT Scratch Programming!
    • Tether the gamepad to your computer via USB and control the hexapod using your own Scratch code.
    • Scratch programs can both wirelessly control the robot and read sensor data from optional sensors on the robot.
  • Tremendous Expandability! The built in hardware and sensor expansion ports guarantee nearly unlimited expandability. Besides the accessories we already have, we are working on tons of new cool extensions, and you can also create your own using a 3D printer and standard, inexpensive sensors and other hardware.

How Do I Get it/Build it?

Max The Megapod kits are available at our store (see low cost hexapod robot kits).

You have several options for obtaining Max:

  • Buy all the parts, including the structural parts, and assemble yourself (assembly time is about two hours). You do not need a 3d printer for this option.
  • Buy the electronics/fasteners and largest 3D printed parts, and print the other parts yourself. The parts you will need to print require a printer with a build volume of 150mm cube (about six inches cube). Choose this option if you want to print the parts but do not have the 200mm cube build area required for some of the largest items.
  • Buy just the electronics, and you 3D print all the free STL files for the structural parts, then assemble yourself. For this option, you need a 3D printer with a build volume of 200mm cube (about 8 inches cube).

No soldering is necessary when building the kit. Age for build: 9th grade through adult. Adult supervision is suggested for students who are younger than high school level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Max has powerful servo motors and is not for use by young children. Keep fingers clear of legs when Max is operating. It is possible to get pinched if you stick your hand in the wrong place while Max is moving. It is even possible for these servos to break fingers under the right circumstances. Max is big and love-able and small children are naturally fascinated by him, so adult supervision is required to make sure little fingers stay safe.

See our Vorpal Robotics Store for information on where to order parts or fully built hexapods.

Vorpal The Hexapod Robot

More Questions?

See our Max The Megapod FAQ for answers to the most common questions, or send email to support@vorpalrobotics.com if you don't see the info you need there.

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