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Vorpal Color Blinking/Flashing Light Kit

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This simple kit allows you to add randomly blinking multicolor lights to many kinds of 3D printed project. It's perfect for things that are hollow like vases, Halloween skulls, Christmas ornaments, or other projects.

Kit Contents

There are three variations currently available:

The Button Cell Kit requires soldering and includes:

  • RGB Random Color LED
  • One CR2032 battery holder
  • One CR2032 battery
  • 47 Ohm current limiting resistor
  • 9x13mm on/off switch

The 5V Assembled kit can be used directly with 5V Arduino circuits and is simply a random color LED connected to a current limiting resistor appropriate for 5V use and two female Dupont jumpers.

The random color changing LEDs are also available in ten-packs for DIY projects. You will need a current limiting resistor appropriate to whatever voltage you intend to run them at.

LED Technical Information

The LED includes built-in circuitry to flast, fade, and change from one color to another semi-randomly. Changes will be fast sometimes and slow other times.

  • LED Size: T3 (3mm diameter LED)
  • Forward voltage: 3 to 3.2V
  • Max current: 20 mA

When using the 47 ohm resistor and CR2032 battery included in the kit, you can expect about 80 hours of running time. The brightness of the LED will reduce over time but it will still be reasonably bright even at the 80 hour mark.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not rechargeable batteries! Do not attempt to recharge. This type of battery is commonly available in hardware stores, drug stores, and even food stores as it is used in watches, toys, and other devices.

Assembly of Button Cell Kit

Soldering is required. Use hookup wire (not included) to connect the LED, battery holder, resistor, and switch in series. The + terminal of the battery holder is the terminal closest to the end with the rectangular part jutting out. That has to be on the "long leg" of the LED.