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Vorpal The Hexapod Easy Wiring Guide

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In November, 2019 we're introducing a new pre-built electrical system option for Vorpal The Hexapod. This is expected to cut build time by approximately half, and also should almost eliminate wiring errors. This article describes how to hook up the robot and gamepad wiring harnesses to components like the Nano, HC05 Bluetooth modules, etc.

General Information

In the previous system, connections had to be made one wire at a time between components such as the Nano and Servo Driver. For younger students this was error prone. In the new system, there are several large connector receptacles which form a _wire harness_. For example, the Nano that goes in the hexapod has only two fifteen-pin connectors to plug in (instead of a dozen individual wires).

Each of these large receptacles has a label. The label tells you which component to install that connector on, and where.

Robot Nano Connections

The robot Nano (the Nano labelled "R") requires two connectors.

Let's take them one at a time. One of these is labelled: "R Nano" then under that: "D13 ... VIN".

The label "D13 ... VIN" means that the leftmost pin of the connector should be inserted into the D13 pin of the Nano, and the right side of the connector should be inserted into the VIN pin of the Nano. In other words, the label is showing you the first and last pin labels on the Nano that correspond with the sockets in the connector. The following pictures show exactly how things should look on both sides of the Robot Nano.

When you insert a side of the Nano into its connector, be certain that all the pins on the Nano are aligned in corresponding holes in the connector. Then apply pressure. Sometimes it takes a little force, sometimes it's useful to press one side down first then the other, in a wiggling motion until the connector is fully seated.

Robot Servo Driver Connections

HC05 Bluetooth Module Connection

For both the robot and the gamepad, the label and connection is the same as shown in the diagram below.

Gamepad Connections