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Vorpal The Hexapod User Gallery

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Vorpal Hexapod Quick Links:

Submit Your Remix

If you have used our open source files to derive a cool hexapod design, new attachment, or improvement, send email to info@vorpalrobotics.com with pictures (or a link to your public post), your name and city, and any other information about what inspired you to create it! If you don't want to submit your full name, it's fine to just give us your first name and initial, or even make it anonymous if you wish.

If you have posted your designs publicly, such as to github.com, thingiverse.com, or other sites that host files for 3D printed objects, let us know so others can print and enjoy your designs!

Video Instructions: Modifying OnShape Source Models

An excellent video showing the entire process of modifying a cap using OnShape source models was made by our friends at the Youtube channel Teaching Tech. You can also modify STL files directly using many other 3D modelling applications like blender or even openscad.

Hexapod Caps and Skins

This section includes derivations that change the look of the hexapod or gamepad. It could be a whole new "skin", or just one part like the top, new legs, etc. Click on the image for a larger view, or click on the link in the description for the STL files.

Holiday Themes

Caps and Full Body Mods

Attachments or Extensions

This section displays attachments, extensions, or new game elements designed by our user community. Whether they attach using the magnets around the top, or using the accessory port or leg ports, or some other way entirely of your own creation. When submitting, be sure to tell us the purpose of the attachments (being cool is a perfectly reasonable purpose!) If your extension is for a game or activity, let us know what the rules are so we can play too! If you have posted your designs publicly, let us know where to look.

Vorpal The Hexapod Quick Links

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