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Vorpal The Hexapod Scratch Programming Guide

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Scratch 2.0 is no longer a supported language due to Flash's demise. MIT has promised that Scratch 3.0 will support 3rd party extensions "soon" (orginally 2020) however it appears that the global pandemic may have delayed those plans. MIT has not released any information on when Scratch 3.0 will support 3rd party extensions. So, for now, Scratch will not function with Vorpal products. We are actively exploring alternatives and also continue to press MIT to make it possible for small companies like ours to transition to Scratch 3.

Vorpal is integrated with the MIT Scratch programming language, which is a simple drag-and-drop system. It is used all over the world to teach programming in elementary school, middle school, and even high school.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • A computer with the Chrome web browser installed and an Internet connection
  • A Vorpal Hexapod with fresh batteries
  • A USB cord, type "A to mini" (this is included in your kit)

Once you have those items follow the instructions in the article Setting Up Scratch for Vorpal.

If You Are Already Set Up

Go to this tinyurl to launch the Vorpal Hexapod Scratch Extension:

For convenience, you may want to bookmark that address in your browser.

Blocks You can Use

Complete information on each block is here: Vorpal Hexapod Scratch Block Reference

The Vorpal Hexapod Scratch Extension contains blocks that can:

  • Trigger any standard gamepad function
  • Read sensors connected to the hexapod
  • Move hips, knees, or groups of legs in arbitrary ways
  • Upload leg actions to gamepad buttons for use during activities

Example Programs

The following links show you a number of different examples of Scratch programming with Vorpal:

Logic and Flow of Control

Under Construction

Using Sensors to React to the Environment

Under Construction

Vorpal The Hexapod Quick Links

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