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Vorpal Hexapod Activity: Create a New Move

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Required Items

  • One Vorpal
  • A computer with the ScratchX extension loaded

Activity Procedure

  • Connect your Vorpal to ScratchX.
  • Drag the Record Start Block into your ScratchX program.
    • Use the drop down menus to choose which gamepad button to store your new move on.
  • Underneath the Record Start block, place any movements you want to be included in your new move.
  • Underneath all your desired moves, place the Record End block.
  • Run your ScratchX program.
  • Your new move will now be stored on the gamepad on the button you chose with the Record Start block.
  • To access this move, hold down the gamepad button you stored it on for three seconds. You will now be using that button for the new move you made.
    • Using that button will now execute your new move in a continuous loop that goes for as long as you hold down the button.
    • To return to the original move from that button, press the button once quickly (for less than a second).


  • The Set Legs block is especially useful for creating totally new moves.
  • You can also use other blocks, such as walk, dance, or fight moves, in a combination that creates a new move.


  • Try creating a new move that will give you an advantage in another game or activity such as Capture the Flag or the Fidget Spinner Challenge.